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VIVES Inter-University Fund is a new European fund dedicated to set-up pioneering spin-offs from UCLouvain and its Partners as well as innovative start-ups

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Characteristics of the fund

Deal flow

The new fund, initiated by UCLouvain, is a unique European inter-university fund having access to world class innovations from leading EU top universities


Unrivalled experience of a dedicated team in the creation and growth of innovative start-ups combining business development, new venture, technology transfer and people HR expertise in various sectors

Track record

Track record in transforming research and new technology businesses into Series A and Series B, attracting blue chip corporate and large VCs

Scope & investment policy

  • 12-18 Spin-off and Start-ups with max. 5M€/line
  • From Seed to A-B round
  • Multisector: bio-tech, ICT, agrotech…
  • 300km around Louvain-la-Neuve

Fund background

  • VIVES 3 is managed by Sopartec (subsidiary of UCLouvain)
  • Commitments from the main LP’s of VIVES II
  • Initial closing expected before mid-2019 (€20M)


Philippe Durieux - CEO of Sopartec - Tel: +32.472.206.355